We Love Gemstones

Fine Cut Gemstones Inc. is a wholesale jewelry source for colored gemstones, pearls, and gold chain. We are importers and brokers of finer gemstone items. A large selection of good to extra fine quality colored gemstones and loose pearls are available.

Types of Gems

We have large selections of sapphire (blue, pink, yellow, gold, purple, etc.), emerald, ruby, alexandrite and zircon. Selections of most any type of stone are in stock at all times. Unusual gems, carvings, and jade are all here.

Pear Shape Emerald 2.77ct. Oval Alexandrite 1.54ct. Emerald Cut Tanzanite 3.09ct. Cushion Cut Aquamarine 4.43 ct.
Oval Pink Sapphire 2.35 ct. Trillion Tanzanite 5.76 ct. Round Blue Zircon 13.34 ct. Radiant Cut Ruby 2.21ct.


Our pearl selection includes Chinese strands, Japanese strands and loose pearls. Tahitian pearls from black to silver, singles, matched pairs, rounds and drops. We match existing pearls to lengthen a strand or to match an earring.

Chinese strand of pearls Chinese strand of pearls Chinese strand of pearls