Gemology : The Science of Gems

Gemology is the study of rare and precious stones. Gemologists have a deep understanding of cutting, valuing, buying, and selling gems. Gemologists value these stones based on a number of factors, such as: cut, color, quality, and clarity.

Gemological Education

We are available to educate about gemological characteristics, availability, pricing, etc. We can help you answer difficult questions so that you can be the authority to your customers.

Selling a gemstone is not a science but there is a method to it. What we are really doing is showing a group of beautiful gemstones to someone until they see one they like. The trick is to know ahead of time which group of gemstones they will like the most. To know this we must first ask the buyer for a clear description of the gem they would like.

We must also know their budget. If their budget is unreasonable, we need to inform them of the true cost of the item requested.

The color range of the gem and of course its size and shape are important as well. We want to give ourselves the best chance for a sale so let’s have the best stones to show. An effective salesperson knows that their success depends on a good description expressed by the client.

Strong product knowledge is a great advantage in sales. We like to share information with our clients about all types of gem materials.

At Fine Cut Gemstones we will try to provide the gem selection you will have the best success in selling.