Gemstone Photo Gallery


E.C. Emerald 2.32ct. Cushion Cut Emerald 2.50ct. Oval Emerald 2.78ct. Round Emerald 2.15ct. Round Emerald 4.58ct.


Loose Gems

Peridot Cushion Cut 7.57ct. Matched Pair Pear Shape Green Tourmalines 4.83ct. Pink Sapphire Rounds 5mm. Bi-Color Tourmaline 4.34ct. Emerald Round .71ct.
Golden Sapphire Oval 7.27ct.' Sapphire Cushion 7.28ct. Orange Sapphire Oval 2.04ct. Pink Tourmaline Cabs 8.92ct.



14K White Gold - Burma Ruby &  Diamond 14K White Gold - Tanzzanite &  Diamond 14K White Gold - Yellow Sapphire &  Diamond 14K &  18K White Gold - Yellow Sapphire &  Diamond
14K White Gold - White Zircon &  Diamond 14K White Gold - Cushion Sapphire &  Diamond 14K White and Yellow Gold - Tahitian Pearl &  Diamond



Sapphire Briolettes White South Sea Drop Pearl &  Diamond Princess Cut Aquamarine &  Diamond Yellow Sapphire &  Diamond Star Burst



White South Sea Pearl Strand Baroque South Sea Pearl Strand 14K White & Yellow Gold - Tahition Pearl &  Diamond Pendant



14K Yellow Gold - Angels with Tanzzanite Pin Triple Strand Pearl Braclot with Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald &  Diamonds